Industrial and Commercial Laundry Washing Machines, Dryers & Equipment

We supply a comprehensive range of industrial and commercial washing machines and dryers including both Japanese and international brand names. We offer new, used and reconditioned machines to meet your needs at the lowest price.

Lowest price High quality

Quality Second-hand Washing Machines from Japan

Japanese machines are efficient and have excellent durability - even the machines that are second-hand. Despite frequent use and the passage of time, our machines maintain their high quality.

We Maintain a Quality Control System

Our engineers pride themselves on the quality of our reconditioned machines. Every used machine is stripped down and rebuilt. This process results in a well-conditioned machine at a price much lower than purchasing it directly from other manufacturers. Using our advanced skills and technology, we carefully check that each machine is working properly. If necessary, we replace worn out parts and components before selling the machines. We test the machines at our own factory using a reliable quality control system.

You Can Visit and See the Machines in Use

You can visit our factory and have a guided, personal tour of the different machines at no charge. We can also show you examples of our customers' machines at work in various businesses and guide you around other machinery exhibitions for a small fee. Please enquire about the cost of this kind of tour.

Our Customers Use a Variety of Clothes and Textiles

Our clients include:
Dry Cleaners, linen suppliers, hospitals, daycares, welfare institutions, nursing homes, hotels, spas, restaurants, factories, amusement parks, golf resorts, professional sports clubs, government offices, embassies, athletic facilities, health care facilities and veterinary clinics.

We ship anywhere within Japan. Some overseas shipments are also available. Please ask us for details.
In Japan we can also install, transport, remove and dispose of our products.